Why is everyone chasing “Digital Transformation”

I meet a lot of people who are in “digital transformation” roles. These are my thoughts based on my conversations with them.

I think digital transformation is a big misnomer. And as a result people are chasing just technology tools, digital solutions and new age roles and designations.

It often looks like an arms race.

It also means that digital becomes a separate function. Not embedded in each core function. Not part of the DNA.

Technology or digital is not the end state. It’s just a means to the end.

The end state is an ability to find and anticipate better customer problems. And to come up with great solutions through a process of experimentation. And to improve through continuous iteration. And do all of this quickly. Across the board.

To do this you will definitely need technology and digital. But with this paradigm, you will make better decisions.

You will still be transformed. But not just digitally. You will also be transformed in your customer orientation, in your agility and in your culture.

You can also have the fancy designations 😊

Otherwise, you will be a fat person with a treadmill and a gym membership.



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