How we are implementing Jobs To Be Done – Presenting POSTCARDS by CaratLane

2 min readJan 28, 2024


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This story started after we became obsessed with JTBD ( Jobs To Be Done ) after reading Competing Against Luck by Clayton Christiansen. So we started asking ourselves – What jobs do our customers hire us for ? But Mithun wasn’t having any of it. He kept saying they want great design and excellent service.

This conversation went on for years. We persisted in asking this question. And Mithun would get annoyed and give the same answer.

Then one fine day, Mithun became a believer. And not just a believer. He became a proponent and a champion. It happened when he saw a data point and had a specific customer conversation and was able to immediately connect the dots. The light bulb went off in his head immediately. Luckily he didn’t run in the streets like Archimedes.

Instead he got to work.

He first articulated our mission statement which was built on the JTBD framework. It goes – We are in the business of helping our customers express their emotions through jewellery.

He then visualised some customer use cases where we could make this emotion thing happen in the most impactful manner for our customers. He explained. these to the product / tech / merchandise / marketing teams and asked them to make it happen.

These use cases were all major leaps for these teams. It’s taken years to bring them to life. But we are now ready to bring. them to you. We are super excited to launch the first of these use cases.

Presenting POSTCARDS by CaratLane. The smartest way to express your emotions for the special people in your life. The video is self explanatory.

This is the beginning of a new phase for CaratLane. We will keep doing what we do best – great designs and excellent customer experience. Solutions like POSTCARDS to help customers express their emotions will become the third pillar of our business. There is a lot more to come.

At this point, as customers start sending POSTCARDS, I want to borrow from Neil Armstrong – this is a small step ( read new feature) for customers but a giant step for the jewellery industry.

Now for a little psychology. Research shows that gift recipients don’t just value the money spent on a gift. They value other things more. They value the time spent by the giver and the attention and thought that went into it. But how can a giver show all of that. They can start by sending a POSTCARD.

Go send one to the loved one in your life

P.S – Big thanks to everyone who has made this happen.