Daily Human – What can we do for our country ?

2 min readMar 27, 2023


Photo by Naveed Ahmed on Unsplash

Every time I see someone representing India, I envy them. This includes sportspeople, soldiers , diplomats etc. I have the highest respect for spies.

I feel the same way for people who serve the country in other honourable ways. This includes civil servants, freedom fighters, scientists, bureaucrats etc. Even politicians and ministers. Most of them are corrupt but there enough good ones as well.

Just watching some of them gives me goosebumps. Seeing them contribute to our country’s cause. I wonder, that if I am feeling this way as a casual observer, how would these people feel.

I have not had a chance to experience that feeling or emotion. I wonder if I ever will?

Most of the professions are ruled out. Technically, I still have a chance to be a politician and a bureaucrat. But I am not sure if I will make the cut.

So I wonder. What are the other ways to contribute meaningfully to our country’s cause ? Something which I can with my current experience and abilities. I really need help on this.

Someone, once told me that by running a startup, you create economic wealth and employment. That’s a great way to contribute to the country. But it doesn’t give me that special feeling. The one that Major Vikram Batra or Leander Paes would have experienced.

They say that being a responsible and honest citizen is a way to contribute. I do that. But don’t get that special feeling. The one S Jaishankar can experience. Everyone he reminds the West that India’s time has come.

It’s that feeling that I am seeking. The one all the aforementioned people have experienced.

I am clear that not having that emotion means I have not done anything for this country. I can claim to be a patriot but I have not contributed.

So I wonder. Is there any other activity that will make my life worthwhile ? Save me from dying unfulfilled.

What can we do for our country ☹️🥲 🇮🇳 ?