Daily Human – The return of Ronaldo – 11/9/21

From 1997 to 2013, watching Manchester United play and win was a part of my daily life. Being a passionate supporter was part of my identity almost. I have so many happy memories. Vividly remember all the famous wins.

And then it was all gone.

As soon as the great man ( Sir Alex Ferguson ) retired.

We quickly went from one extreme to another one.

The last 8 years have been a horror show.

Waiting for the glory days to come back.

Today parts of it came back.

An Old Trafford crowd like the old days. I could feel the energy even though I was watching on TV.

Ronaldo scoring two goals. What an insane debut. The pundits can keep analysing the merits of his transfer and whether he improves the team. They don’t understand how he’s lifted us emotionally. We have hope once again.

The second one was such a typical Man Utd goal. A quick counter attack. And Ronaldo scores.

The fourth goal also had a lot of significance. It was intricately crafted. The kind of close passing we have jealously watched the likes of City exhibit.

It was a team goal nicely finished off by one of the academy lads. We buy our superstars but this club takes great pride in the performance of our our home grown payers. That it was Jesse Lingard made it extra special. His heart bleeds for United. And yet we almost pushed him out of the door. I hope this is the first of many important goals that he will score for us.

It went largely unnoticed. But Donny Van De Beek made a nice little dummy run to distract the defenders. I love his spirit. I really hope he gets more chances and does well.

Everything went well. Well almost. We still have to play one terrible central midfielder. Today it was Nemanja Matic’s turn to play bad passes and lose possession in dangerous areas.

But we will happily take it. Because it felt exactly like the old days. Even a smiling Fergie was in the house.

I enjoyed a whole range of emotions. It was awesome.

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