Daily Human – Sneha Dubey and Syed Akbaruddin – 25/9/21

Every now and then one starts despairing. What’s happening in this country. The politics, the corruption, the leftist rightist bickering, all the communal vitriol etc etc

And then Sneha Dubey happens. I can listen to her carefully worded and brilliantly argued retort to Imran Khan a hundred times and feel goosebumpy each and every time.

It reminded me of Syed Akbaruddin doing the same a couple of years ago.

Sneha Dubey and Syed Akbaruddin remind us about everything that works well in this country. Everything that makes us proud that we were born here and we live here.

We are still a functional democracy.

You can still rise to the top of any profession in this country irrespective of your race, religion or gender.

We are in safe hands because we still produce these brilliant patriotic people who only want to serve the country.

On days like these, you forget about all the other ills that ail our country.

We shall overcome.

CoFounder at CaratLane