Daily Human – Scars of Covid – 2/9/21

After 20 months, we are doing our quarterly rewards and recognition program again. Covid related break. I have to give a business update speech. Kind of like a townhall.

Public speaking is my second least favourite thing in the world. Just ahead of dancing. So I decided to write down a speech. As preparation.

As I started to write, all the memories came flooding back. Mostly sad ones. Three people we lost in the company. Young people. Close relatives. People I was attached to. Two senior business leaders from my first job. People I looked upto. Some other young people I knew. Who had beautiful dreams about their future.

Some about courage. People who stepped up bravely. Frontline and operations people who were the first to return to work physically. Before any vaccinations. While others like me worked from home.

The people who were out helping others in need. Without a care about their personal safety.

I hope these emotions don’t overwhelm when I talk about it tomorrow.



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