Daily Human – Cruyff and Guardiola – 28/9/21

I am reading this amazing book about Barca, the football club by Simon Kuper.

In addition to all the other stuff, the writer peers into the minds of two of the most influential people at the club – Johan Cryuff and Pep Guardiola. These accounts are based on conversations with people who worked with and observed these two greats from very close quarters. It’s very authentic and revealing.

One of the things which fascinated me about both of them was their obsession with always playing the game beautifully. They were both extremely intelligent and had very strong views on the right way to play the game.

And they were willing to die for their football principles. Cryuff famously didn’t care if his team lost as long as they played beautfully.

It’s takes a crazy level of conviction and courage to live a life like this.

They were not delusional. For the simple reason that their methods did produce the most beautiful football the world has ever seen.

Very few people can do what they did and make the choices they made.

I admire them for that.

They are my heroes. I wish I could live a life like that.

CoFounder at CaratLane