Daily Human – Rwanda – 2/10/21

I started watching this documentary series about football on Amazon Prime. It’s really well made and highly recommended.

The first episode is about Rwanda. About the 1994 genocide in which more than a million people died. Almost everyone lost someone who was dear to them. In most cases, they were butchered in front of them.

It was horrible.

And then football helped heal the country and bring back a semblance of hope.

It was very sad for most part and then there was a little cheer at the end.



Daily Human – Little Sisters – 1/10/21

My elder daughter was doing something to her hair and making a video of it.

My younger daughter was making her presence felt from time to time. Like all irritating little sisters and brothers do.

So the elder one turned the hair video into an “irritating little sister” video. Funny captions and all.

It’s the funniest thing I have seen in a while.



Daily Human – Mothers – 29/9/21

Today, many Hindu communities in the Hindi belt celebrate something called ‘Jitiya’. Mothers fast and pray for the well being of their children.

This year my mom was very sick. She had every medical reason to not fast. Yet, there is no way she wouldn’t have done this puja and not fasted. Only a mother can do this.

My mother is just incredible. Like all the moms in this world.

I hope I can make all sacrifices worth the effort.

And I wonder if I ( as a father ) will ever do as much for my children.